“I truly want to thank you so much for your help though our hypnosis sessions. I have become everything I wanted to be and more. Life keeps getting better and each day I am becoming a stronger more confident person. It’s quite amazing and I am in the happiest place of my life. I can’t thank you enough.”

Janine, aged 37 – Wresting back control

“Derek, you have enabled me to rediscover my higher, spiritual self which I thought had been lost in the mêlée of pragmatism and negativity. Thank you so very much for handling me so gently and for giftedly exhuming my almost lost soul… the entire experience has moved me to tears of gratitude. I might add that before we met I was in conversation with a chum and I declared I wanted to stay being ‘me’, but ‘me’ in a better way. And, now that I can, and do, smile with sunshine and glow from the inside out – constantly – it’s having a great effect on the world, and on me!”

Juliet, age without limit – Searching for the hero inside herself… and finding it!

“I have just returned from my dental visit and it went really well!  I’m so thrilled and cannot thank you enough. I found the CD of great help and played it this morning and again just before I left for the appointment. I decided to have an injection because it was a large filling and the old one had to be removed. So it was a lengthy procedure, but I found that the techniques I’d learnt from you stood me in good stead. No repetition of the old problem!! I have one more appointment, but that is the lesser of the two problems and I am confident that I shall experience a similarly trouble free result. So once again, thank you so much.”

Barbara, aged 83 – overcoming anxiety at dentists

“I would like to give my genuine thanks for your time over the last few weeks Derek, I really do feel like our time together has been extremely beneficial. In particular, I feel it has helped me to re-assess many ‘unhelpful’ beliefs and given me the tools to begin to reframe these beliefs into more resourceful ones. The hypnosis sessions have helped me with state control and provided me with a focus and direction which I have been missing for some time.”

Andrew, aged 32 – State Control/Focus/Sales Coaching

“I have been trying for seventeen years to give up smoking.  I managed many times to stop smoking but never managed for any sustained period of time. When I met Derek I found that his manner put me at ease immediately. The pitch & tone of his voice inspires great confidence & within minutes of meeting him I was sure that I would be successful. Derek explained that I was excellent at stopping smoking I had successfully done that umpteen times.  Now however the time was right to become a “non-smoker” for the rest of my life.

Whilst it has only been a month since I became a non-smoker I am certain this is a permanent change.  It is an entirely different experience than all the other times – There is no craving, no counting the days I have given up – Unless someone brings smoking to my consciousness I don’t even give it a thought.  People find this hard to believe especially as my wife continues to smoke. I can thoroughly recommend Derek to anybody who wishes to stop smoking or in fact make any permanent life change within.  Derek thank you again I only wish that I had met you 20 attempts ago.”

Toby, aged 37 – Smoking Addictions

“Last summer you helped me with anxiety over exams and trouble sleeping. I wanted to wait till I got my results to email you. I want to let you know that I passed my retake of the second year and have gone into a straightforward 3rd year with no retakes. Thank you very much for all the help and for making uni a good experience for me.”

Hannah, aged 20 – Exam Anxiety/ Insomnia

“These sessions of hypnotherapy have helped me lay solid foundations on a new way of living and viewing the world. I found the techniques and their implementation easy and non-intrusive but also very fulfilling especially when I compare my attitude to what it was previously to me beginning these sessions. At first I was skeptical about the effectiveness of this treatment having previously been going through CBT. However, after 4 sessions I feel almost completely different in myself and would urge anyone interested to give it a try.”

Alex, aged 19 – Anxiety/Anger Management/Self Esteem Issues

“I was very curious about Hypnotherapy and expected that it might help me with my Diabetes – Cravings. I met Derek on the trial Session and was very impressed with my own progress within the short-timed sessions. I lost weight and brought the Blood results down between 20 – 30%!!! The “tools” Derek gave me to help myself were very powerful. What I did not know from the start was that my whole life would be affected by Derek’s Therapy approach. That of course in the most gentle and qualified way. I  never thought that this would be possible - but  thankfully it was!”

Karl, aged 57 – Weight Control/Food Cravings

“At our first meeting I was feeling anxious but Derek soon put me at ease and assured me there was no pressure to receive any further consultations. I immediately felt comfortable with him and soon felt I was talking to a good and trusted friend. Following my three consultations my sleep problems have greatly improved, as well as my confidence and general well being. I would thoroughly recommend this life changing therapy with Derek rather than another prescription for pills which only address symptoms in the short term.”

Linda, aged 61 – Insomnia

“Derek put me at ease on our initial first meeting, at the end of which I already felt he would be able to help me. A phobia which had overtaken my life for the past 3 years and had turned into what I now know were panic attacks have all been resolved. Derek’s calm and gentle understanding have done wonders. I cannot thank him enough for showing me how to help myself. I would highly recommend him.”

Marion, aged 56 – severe allergic reaction to perfumes/chemical odours

“When I first came to see Derek, I was convinced that he wouldn’t be able to help me. How wrong was I. By the end of our first session, I was already feeling different. I felt that Derek was slowly giving me the tools I needed to make the changes I wanted. This feeling continued and grew throughout our remaining sessions. I now feel that instead of being at a standstill, my life has taken off again. I am open to new possibilities and experiences and know that I deserve the best that life can offer.”

Mandy, aged 38 – Confidence/Self-Image

“Just to let you know that the speech went down fantastically well! I was told by 100% of the people there that it was the best speech they’d ever seen performed so I guess that it doesn’t really get better than that! Thank you very much for your help!”

Pete, aged 31 — Public Speaking Coaching/Mentoring

“Derek has a gentle way of delivering therapy with understanding and humour, coupled with an immense depth and breadth of knowledge that has taken years to accumulate. When you choose him as your therapist you will be glad you did that. You will certainly benefit from working with him and will come away feeling better for the experience.”

Angela Ford D.Hyp, Dip.CP Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Counsellor

“Thank you so much for your help with my fear of flying! I had a fantastic holiday to Peru with numerous flights long and short but not once was I overcome with fear. I had no palpitations, no crying, no panic whatsoever! My sister was amazed at the difference as she has witnessed me sat crying at the airport not wanting to board a flight home. I practised all the things you said before the journey and printed the words you sent but I didn’t need to remind myself of those at all, just knowing I had them with me was enough. Your hypnotherapy sessions truly made such a difference to the holiday and I cannot thank you enough.”

Janet, aged 54 — Flying phobia

“Once again, many thanks for all your help - as you know whilst seeing you I had some personal issues arise: you helped me focus on why I should be proud of myself and what is most important in life. As I said to you, you helped me to increase my “happiness level” - I was feeling quite sad when I came to see you, not only am I back to my usual happy self but I have found my self-esteem, got my confidence back and have come to terms with the personal issues I faced.”

Irene, aged 58 — Weight control / Confidence issues

“I felt at ease the moment I started working with Derek. His natural ability to make therapy fun facilitates a good hypnotic journey. His expertise and talent shines through in every session and would have no hesitation in recommending him to my friends and family.”

Catherine Young, Secretary and Therapist

“I found the session with you just the most amazing experience, being completely conscious — but not — it’s really difficult to explain but if anyone needs any reassurance I can happily confirm that there was nothing weird or unnatural about being hypnotised, just very pleasant. It has been 6 weeks since our session and the longest period I have gone without a cigarette since I started smoking 25 years ago! After no fewer than 6 failed attempts at giving up, in as many years, I was unsure whether anything would work for me. What I found this time was that it was far less uncomfortable and unpleasant than previously when I used nicotine replacements, such as patches. Anyway, I can’t begin to thank you enough and I will keep you posted. Oh, just one last point. You’ll know that saving money was not a big motivator for me to stop smoking but I couldn’t help but think about it and I have saved £180 in the last 6 weeks!”

Romey, aged 45 — Smoking addiction

“Derek is an extremely engaging person with a very special sense of humour that he uses to great effect in therapy. He uses storytelling and metaphor to great effect in his work, especially with his sense of timing, use of tonality and his most incisive mind. His calm confidence soothes and relaxes the most fevered brow and his profound knowledge of hypnosis and NLP helps him to deliver really effective therapy. Derek is a wonderful person to know and I thoroughly recommend him to everyone.”

Andrew Fogg, Golf Psychologist & Hypnotherapist

“I really enjoyed the four sessions I had with you and really feel that my life has changed considerably due to them. I feel more positive and calmer about aspects in my life and my main concern regarding overspending on clothes certainly seems to have eased as my credit card statement shows. The work we have done together has made me re-evaluate both my personal and working life and has been of tremendous benefit to me.”

Carol, aged 60 — Compulsive shopping / Self-image

“Derek Palmer is an incredibly talented individual. His contagious enthusiasm and encouraging spirit is something I would recommend to anyone and everyone. He also has a depth of knowledge, a skill set and wide range of experience that I consider to be exceptional. He is warm and reassuring and you’ll be pleased you chose to see him.”

Adam Eason, Hypnotherapist, Trainer, Author of ‘The Secrets of Self Hypnosis’ & ‘The Hypnotic Salesman’

“I found Derek very approachable and very easy to talk to about what I would like to achieve from the sessions. I remember feeling 2 – 3 days later that something had really happened inside me, and that something had “clicked”. Overall the whole experience was amazing. I have found the sessions extremely helpful with my personal development.”

Greg, aged 26 — Self esteem issues

“I have known Derek for some time now and he instils a positive influence in me whenever we speak. He is an encouraging, helpful and approachable person who possesses a wonderful desire for self-development and well being. He is one of those likeable and plausible people whose attitude ‘rubs off’ on you which is a fantastic quality to have as a therapist.”

Tom Smith BSc (Hons) Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

“I thought your sessions were very interesting and therapeutic. The sessions were calm and relaxing and I always felt comfortable with you hence my honesty and being so open with you. The environment, background sounds and comfortable seating all added to the relaxation. Your words whilst in Hypnosis were good to imagine with.”

David, aged 40 — Weight control / Self-image