Self-Hypnosis Workshops

Based on the best-selling book, ‘The Secrets of Self-Hypnosis’ by Adam Eason

Come and learn how to master Self-Hypnosis at our Weekend Workshop here in the historic Priory Town of Christchurch on the beautiful South Coast!

There are no pre-requisites for this Workshop — all we ask is that when you book yourself on to a self-hypnosis seminar, you attend with an open mind. Some huge shifts in beliefs and behaviours happen on this Workshop, and everyone who attends the Workshop experiences powerful changes, magical discoveries and more, so an open mind is essential when booking your place.

I first discovered the power of hypnosis twenty years ago when I visited a hypnotherapist to help me become a non-smoker. This ignited (no pun intended :-) ) my interest in hypnosis and its power to facilitate positive change.

Subsequently, I had the great good fortune to meet Adam Eason — internationally renowned hypnotherapist, teacher and author of the bestselling book, ‘The Secrets of Self-Hypnosis’. And when Adam launched his Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Course (incorporating NLP Certification) I was proud to be among his first graduates.

Adam’s book, ‘The Secrets of Self-Hypnosis’ represents some of his best work from years of research, teaching and personal experience, all of which are shared in this Workshop.

Please email me here now or just phone my offices on 07798 550600 for further information about Workshop dates, venues, availability and fees. I’ll always respond within one working day. Thank you.

I really can communicate with and harness my inner resources!

With the skills and information you learn on this seminar, you can let go of old habits, form new ones, use powerful hypnotic language, create wonderful new behaviours, brighten your future, excel in your career and create excellence… I could go on and on with this list, as you’ll find out when you attend.

You learn how to increase your ability to communicate with your unconscious mind, how to communicate with it more and more effectively with self-hypnosis to make more and more changes in your life.

Do you sometimes wonder why you have all the best intentions but can’t seem to get through to yourself to make changes? Then maybe you need to communicate with that deeper part of yourself.

Self-Hypnosis can be used for controlling pain, distorting time, enhanced healing, letting go of limiting behaviours and just about anything else that you can imagine. During this two day Workshop, you learn how to do all those things… Including the time distortion, pain management and lots of other mind-blowing applications… Self-Hypnosis is your control of all these things.

  • This practical, eye-opening seminar shows you a structured and easy to follow method to take yourself into hypnosis and how to use it.
  • You get taken into hypnosis several times by me also.
  • Make progressive changes in your life.
  • Learn to understand what is going on within you.
  • Get a good insight into the world of hypnosis and have it demystified.
  • Heighten your awareness of how to utilise your resources to their full potential.
  • Learn ways to use powerful, evocative hypnotic language to elicit change within yourself.

This is a life-changing, energizing 2 days!

You will also learn how to use hypnosis for deep relaxation. Everything is written out for you, ready to put into practice, you get a full Workshop manual and several handouts.

You learn:

  • An easy to follow five-step structured method of taking yourself into hypnosis.
  • What hypnosis is and is not.
  • Key ingredients of how to be in control of your state of hypnosis.
  • How to create and write life changing, incredible scripts and hypnotic programmes for change.
  • How to relax hypnotically to powerfully deep levels.
  • Advanced and intriguing methods and applications of self-hypnosis.
  • How to deepen your state of hypnosis to levels that are utterly blissful and dynamic.
  • How to nurture your relationship with your mind.
  • Amazing insightful ways to apply self-hypnosis to your life.
  • Different ways to deliver suggestions to the unconscious.
  • How to harness and utilise the enormous power than resides within you.
  • Special rapid self-hypnosis induction to enter the state instantly whenever and wherever you want.
  • How to use self-hypnosis to generate physical and mental changes.
  • Combine Self-Hypnosis with modern personal development techniques.

In addition to that, you also…

  • Relax in a friendly, informal group setting, and learn with other people from a real variety of backgrounds.
  • Have a lot of laughter… this Workshop is a lot of fun.
  • Get the opportunity to do some exercises you may never have thought possible!

Of course, you learn many things on many levels and all the learning is enhanced and embedded during the numerous hypnosis sessions that you experience throughout the weekend. I personally take you into hypnosis on several occasions throughout the weekend. This helps ensure that you are fully acquainted with the state and the varying ways in which you can experience hypnosis.

Workshop Structure:

Despite much of the learning being while you are in hypnosis, here is some of what you are taught while you are engaged in class:

Day One:

  • Introduction and Objectives.
  • Detailed introduction to hypnosis and dispelling the myths.
  • Personal experience of three hypnosis sessions for everyone.
  • The self-hypnosis model.
  • The self-hypnosis model metaphor.
  • The Safe, Controlled Relaxation Programme. This is the ultimate in hypnotic relaxation!
  • The language of self-hypnosis.
  • How to use words with your mind… The best words for you… Evocative language that elicits the most amazing responses and reactions for you.
  • Looping programmes… Leads to quantum looping, a fascinating concept.
  • Mind Mapping your self-hypnosis programmes of change.
  • Programme writing rehearsal.
  • Bringing it all together with fun and laughter and lots of practice…

Day Two:

  • Advanced methodologies and specialist techniques from various fields.
  • How to install your self-hypnosis programmes in your mind.
  • Bringing your programmes to life, adding depth and dimension.
  • Two further powerful hypnosis sessions for everyone.
  • Installing the self-hypnosis programme.
  • Powerful exercises to convince you of the power of your self-hypnosis.
  • Questions and answers.
  • Mind blowing opportunity to see the true power of your mind!
  • And there’s so much more too…

Who should attend?

Anyone wanting to find out more about the world of hypnosis. People looking to enhance their lives and make powerful changes. People looking for cutting edge tools to excel and enhance in any area of their life. Anyone wanting a heck of a lot of fun! Anyone wanting to truly master the process and practice of self-hypnosis.

An investment of one weekend and a nominal fee lets you tap into years of accumulated knowledge; learn proven methods and newest techniques; and return home informed, inspired and empowered.

This 2-day seminar develops skills you are sure to use for years to come; it heightens your awareness of your unconscious and enables you to use it for more and more of its potential. You discover how to use that infinite and amazing resource that resides within us all, now you have a choice to awaken it and use it and enrich your life!

We offer you the finest tuition, a most enjoyable experience, lots of laughter and the opportunity to have choices in your life to be who you want to be, to achieve, to excel and to feel really good.

Please email me here now or just phone my offices on 07798 550600 for further information about Workshop dates, venues, availability and fees. I’ll always respond within one working day. Thank you.

Your investment includes the following:

  • Over 9 hours of scheduled tuition.
  • Refreshments of teas, coffee, juices and water at regular intervals.
  • Complete Workshop manual.
  • Workshop handouts.
  • Fully supportive environment.
  • Access to future free refresher Workshops.
  • Multiple hypnosis sessions and hypnotic experience.
  • Lots of fun and dynamism.
  • Some surprises and bonus items … :-)

I very much look forward to meeting you, having lots of fun and showing you how to open your mind to this truly remarkable and liberating personal development tool, self-hypnosis.

Thank you for reading. Make your decision now… and go for it!

With my very best wishes,

Derek Palmer

Please email me here now or just phone my offices on 07798 550600 for further information about Workshop dates, venues, availability and fees. I’ll always respond within one working day. Thank you.

Workshop Cancellation

  1. If due to unforeseen circumstances any delegate needs to cancel an enrolment, up to one month before the Workshop / seminar / workshop commences a refund of 66% of the paid Workshop fee will be made by Creative-Plane Personal Development. Unfortunately, for any reduced initial fees paid (ie. you took us up on an offer of a reduced Workshop fee) and for any cancellations made within a month of the start date or after the start date of the Workshop, no refunds are available.
  2. If for any reason or due to unforeseen circumstances the programme you enrol upon has to be cancelled, Creative-Plane Personal Development will refund your payment in full. Creative-Plane Personal Development and its proprietor will not be liable for any other expenses.